You have been given this questionnaire to fill in as part of a collaborative project between the Fire Brigades’ Union and the University of Central Lancashire. Researchers will use the information you provide to gain an overview of current practice in fire stations/workplaces across the UK, and will help to shape policy in fire stations/workplaces going forward.

Some of the questions in this questionnaire may seem quite personal, or irrelevant. They are included to give us a better overall understanding of exposure to contaminants, and other lifestyle factors. You may stop the questionnaire at any time, and your answers will not be stored unless you press submit. You do not have to answer every question. The questionnaire should take no longer than 20 minutes.

The data you provide will be kept confidential, and will be stored in accordance with data protection laws. Once the questionnaire is submitted, it will be stored confidentially, and we will not be able to determine which answers you have provided. As such, it is not possible to withdraw your answers after they have been submitted by clicking "Finish" at the end of the survey. 

If you are concerned about any health impacts with regards to your job, please speak to your line manager or FBU representative, who should be able to give you further information. If you have any questions about how your responses will be used or stored, or about the project, please contact Anna Stec at the University of Central Lancashire at, or your FBU representative for more information.